What is Prediction by Zahara

With the Oil & Gas industry in a constant state of change, now is the time to invest in ways to optimize operational efficiency. The pressure on management is immense, demand for cost reductions is increasing, and the key challenge facing operators is having to do more with less. Added to this burden is the requirement for operators to apply solutions which enhance safety, increase reliability and uptime and reduce well construction times and costs. Implementing a proven systematic approach to planning and learning is no longer a "nice to have"; it’s an essential component in helping the industry to maximize efficiency and become more resilient. Having worked with Oil & Gas Companies internationally, it is evidenced, repeatedly, that whilst performance improvement methodologies are available, they are a collective proliferation of spreadsheets, word processing document and standalone operations, which, unfortunately, continually fail to achieve their efficiency aims, failing to deliver aspired the return on investment. With clearly quantifiable benefits, now of all times is when investment should be made, into a solution that is guaranteed to deliver a return that significantly exceeds the initial investment.

Prediction by Zahara merges previously disconnected information into a powerful knowledge base that is accessible anytime from anywhere in the world. Vital information in the Prediction database affords the client the ability to support extensive analysis, clear understanding of performance issues and advanced collaborative systems for planning, executing and learning.

Performance improvement is not about reinventing the wheel or introducing new technology. Prediction by Zahara simply helps an organization achieve more of their potential by getting the most out of their existing systems and processes, working alongside their team inclusive of contractor and
service partners.

Prediction by Zahara will allow a leadership team to benchmark performance, identify improvement opportunities and ultimately accelerate the learning curve. This can be achieved through a collaborative approach or individually. Dedicated, instantaneous data analysis ensures the organizations leadership team can confidently focus their undivided attention on managing operations and logistics, with the assurance that they have the resources in place to track performance, close out lessons learned and drive the optimization process.  

Prediction places a strong focus on what contributes to inefficiency and how time and cost savings can be made. Prediction will afford the client with the data required to facilitate advance planning meetings focused on planning the work ahead, editing work instructions and ensuring offline preparation tasks are completed ahead of the critical path. In turn, reducing NPT.

The key to getting the most out of people is to genuinely invest in them. 

A safe and productive workplace relies on inspiring leadership, strong teamwork, committed crew and good morale. Our online knowledge management platform designed to enhance safety, accelerate learning, encourage transfer of best practice and promote standardization,

In the current climate where operational efficiency and performance coaching should no longer be considered an optional luxury. Combatting inefficiency and waste is a responsibility. It is an essential part of overall operations which demonstrably instils an improved safety culture and increased productive time, and has proven to pay for itself many times over.

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