Working in Zahara

Be Part of Shaping the Future of the Oil and Gas Industry

Imagine a library where the books are written in a language so old, few alive can speak it; and the pages crumble to dust when turned. In data terms, this is the state of the Oil and Gas industry’s 50+ years of exploration archives. With Zahara, you will have the ability to revolutionize this.

Solve Big Challenges

In this new era, software must cater to a changing world, adapt to new technologies, and solve complex challenges. We’re in the midst of digital transformation, and it’s our goal to turn it from a promise to a reality in a way that empowers people.

Speed, accuracy, and reliability will be central to the lifecycle of assets and operations. As part of Zahara, you can ensure our customers are ahead of the curve while delivering powerful business results.

Supporting our Communities

Zahara Giving Pledge is our promise to provide 1% of post-tax profits to support social wellbeing activities around the world. As part of this, you’ll receive an additional day of paid leave per year to take part in community activities. We also contribute to employee-led charity and community-based initiatives.

Why Work for Zahara

We offer meaningful work in an open, inclusive environment. We’re here for you along every step of your career journey, celebrating your point of view and inviting you to share your boldest ideas.

Collaborate Globally

Zahara’s mission transcends time zones and continents – so will your role here. As a part of our company, you’ll get the chance to learn how other parts of the world operate and develop bold solutions to improve lives and industries.

You’ll also work with people from all backgrounds, in terms of both culture and subject matter expertise. Our teams work together as one, advancing causes we believe in through our combined skills and ideas.

Work. Life. Balance

Your career should be stimulating and rewarding—but it should also respect what matters most in life: family, health, and purpose. As an employee of Zahara, you’ll receive a competitive benefits package, including holiday entitlement, maternity and paternity leave, and a company bonus scheme. You are also invited to take part in a variety of activities, including sports, away days, and events. We celebrate our employees’ passions by providing opportunities to volunteer in local communities together.

We believe education never ends. We nurture a culture of continuous learning, encouraging hands-on experience and sharing of ideas.

Live Our Values

We call what we stand for ‘Zahara Pledge.’ These values are our shared DNA.
Limitless possibilities: We understand the limitless potential of true innovation, so we consistently challenge ourselves to help our customers create a better world.
Integrity always: We do the right thing, leading by example. Our respect for everyone we connect with is why we’re trusted to help our customers work smarter, and why we work and act as one.
Flexibility together: By working flexibly and collaboratively across our diverse internal and external teams, we create the freedom to solve problems in new ways.
Excellence every day: Our people are amazing. Smart, pragmatic, humble and always welcoming a challenge. We’re incredibly proud of what we help our customers achieve.

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